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In the Fall of 2020, we conducted a survey and more than 175 members of our Denver community responded to our request to share thoughts, feelings, and insights about current beliefs and needs regarding learning and education. 

There were such a wide range of responses to questions that made one thing clear: we are all unique and different.  One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to learning, and 21st century schools need to be flexible, adaptive, and students should be at the center. 


Most current models of schools are still designed in an outdated approach to education that prioritizes efficiency over personalization, and testing over learning.  We know we can do better and we are committed to learning from the many models out there that are reimagining learning in ways that are responsive to meeting the needs of today’s learners. We gained invaluable insight, validation for much of what we fundamentally believe, and alignment to our guiding principles. 


We need to raise the bar for middle school. We believe middle school age students are filled with potential, light, and brilliance. Let’s create a space for them to thrive!

Key Takeaways 

Learning happens best through authentic experiences in the

real world. ​

Relationships help us to understand who we are and how we are all connected.  

When students feel known and valued by community and trusted adults, deeper learning is possible and truly attainable. 

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