La Luz is a bilingual, community-based, micro "Un-School" that prioritizes experiential learning, relationship building and character development. We, at La Luz, believe we can all human better. It is our goal to provide authentic learning experiences for kids so they can learn more about themselves and others, as well as develop the skills, mindsets, and desire to become changemakers who will improve the world.

Students will engage in extended learning experiences in community-based organizations such as the Denver Zoo, as well as outdoor learning excursions.  La Luz embraces the concept of "unschool", and looks forward to engaging with the community to fundamentally change how we educate our innately curious kids. 

Leader & Founder

Dr. Kyle Gamba has been an educator and principal for several years both locally and internationally. He feels very passionate about prioritizing relationship building and character development in the lives of children. He believes strongly that academic achievement can be the result of kids feeling cared about and having a strong sense of belonging. He is an avid traveler, adventurer, and fun-seeker. Kyle, his wife, and his three children have lived abroad in Mexico and Colombia and he speaks fluent Spanish. He looks forward to meeting you!