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Year At A Glance

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Year Snapshot

The student learning experience at La Luz is organized by: 

  •  Studios: 3-6 week deep immersion experiences in projects and community field work. 

  • Intensives: 1-2 week deep immersion experiences into fields of study students are passionate about, such as game theory, energy, cooking. 

For the 2023-2024 school year, our student experiences look like the following:


Community-Based Experiential Learning

Competency-Based Learning

Hands in the Soil
Family Bike Trip

At La Luz, learning happens through authentic, real-world, and fun experiences that take place outside of the classroom and in the community. We believe that students learn best through doing and reflecting in a community-based ecosystem of learning. 

In a competency-based approach, we measure what matters, which not only includes academic competencies, but also the specific skills, habits, and dispositions we want learners to develop. This is a whole child approach that moves away from traditional methods of grading  and assessment.  

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