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Competency Based Learning

Competency-Based Education means that we meet students where they are at, allow for students to advance when they are ready, and ensure all students receive they get the support they need to be successful, both academically and social emotionally. This is a much different approach than in traditional schooling, where student advancement is time bound, based on grade level, age, and seat time.  

A competency is  anything that we can learn and get better at. This can be an academic skill or knowledge, as well as different social and emotional skills, such as managing time and collaborating with others. La Luz prioritizes  8 competencies that we feel will support our middle school aged students for success in high school and beyond. Our competencies are aligned to our guiding principles.


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We've been happy to learn from Building 21, a competency-based learning network that has brought student centered learning to life for several years. Find out more about them here!

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